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   This car came out of the factory as a plane Jane Chevelle. It had a 307 cubic inch engine with a 2 speed power glide transmission and a ten bolt rear-end. The interior consisted of a Bench seat and no options. In the late 70's a 427 BB Chev was put into it and the bench seat was replaced with a set of buckets and the whole interior was then covered with a tacky black diamond tuff . In 1979 the car was then taken off the road and the engine taken out and then pushed aside and left to rust away with only 92,000 original miles on it . I purchased the car as a rusted rolling chassis in the winter of 1980.It then sat for another two years until I found time to strip the whole car down to just a rolling frame and main body shell less outside quarter panels. All that came off was then thrown in the garbage and the plan was to start from scratch. The rest of the shell was removed from the frame and the frame was then taken into the shop and sand blasted and painted with a gloss black Indurea paint. The body was then all sand blasted inside and underneath and the floor boards were repair and then the underside and inside floor pan was then sprayed with rock guard and also painted with gloss black Indurea paint. I went to GM and purchased a pair of factory quarter panels and also a set of front fenders. I picked up a SS hood and rad support along with a pair of inner fenders and they were all clean up and put on the car. The car was then sanded and primed and then went into the spray booth to be painted. It was done in a blue with green , silver and gold pearl put into it .That was all finished in the summer of 1984.
    The car was then put back into storage while I looked around for interior parts picked up a 1968 Cadillac tilt telescopic steering wheel and also the top end of a 1976 Corvette tilt telescopic steering wheel and put the two together and installed that into the car. Power windows from a 68 Lemans was then also installed. Found a pair of 68 bucket seats in witch I put 6 way power bases under. I then picked up some more interior parts like arm rest and door panels as well as visors. Then off it went to my friends place for the interior to be made up and put in. After the interior was designed and installed the car came home and once again put back into storage. Over the years I found and bought parts and slowly put it together. I started to build a small block engine and had it in when I decided it looked to bare inside so it was removed and a 454 block was bought and then started to build that. By the spring of 1999 the car was complete and running and was then put on the road for 3 mouths and had 1200 miles put on it. In the summer of 2000 it was put back on the road for 4 months and had 600 miles put on it and now is back in storage.